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Plugin Alternative tree_menu for CMS e107 (0.7.x) – vertical menu on the basis of the standard “tree_menu” with dropping out submenus, links of the first two levels are shown only.




The main menu on this site works in a similar way.


  • It is installed instead of the standard tree_menu, in the menu settings you can choose showing menu either in the previous style or in the new one.
  • Highlighting the opened page (it cannot be opened).
  • With the possibility to switch on automatic closing of the submenu (only one opened submenu will be shown simultaneously).
Version: 1.4.2
System requirements: CMS e107 (0.7.x or high)
Terms of distribution: Free, open source
Languages: Russian, English
Developer: SBGames
Refreshed: 2010.12.15


46.44 kB
Hits: 521


Additional links on the program


Official Site of CMS e107 >>>



Дата выхода 2010.12.15
«Alt_tree_menu 1.4.2»

  • Fixed – shift the page up when you click on a menu item with submenu.

Дата выхода 2010.08.26
«Alt_tree_menu 1.4.1»

  • Fix bug with encoding files.

Дата выхода 2010.05.04
Startup of page.




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