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Era II – platform for building modifications + mod WoG 3.58f for the game Heroes of Might and Magic 3.




Heroes 3.5: in the Wake of Gods – the unofficial add-on, developed by an international group of enthusiasts. In its present title is not in vain “half”: it gives much more than the usual complement, breathing, in fact a new life in the old “Heroes.”


  • Now you can destroy town and build a new place of the old, even the other type.
  • Each fraction got his demigod – a creature of the eighth level, which are the second improvement of the existing seventh level. They have a 2-fold increased health, increased attack, defense and speed, and enhancing the ability in comparison with the progenitors.
  • Improving characteristics monsters as their experience.
  • Now shooting towers gain experience, which is reflected in their damage.
  • New specialty for old heroes, new monsters storage, new neutral monsters, new artifacts, new decorative elements of map.
  • Ability to leave the army and artifacts on the map.
  • Beginning with Heroes 3.57, in the game appeared commanders. The commander is the epitome of a hero on the battlefield. Each race has its own commander.
  • All changes can be included in a special menu.
  • Platform “Era II” allows you to connect a lot of new mods.
100% compatible: Shadow of Death, Complete
NOT COMPATIBLE: TE, WT, RoE, AB, Heroes Chronicles
Developer: Berserker (Era II)


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