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Horn of the Abyss – is a global add-on for Heroes of Might and Magic 3.




Originally mod was created to add a new city, “the Cove” but its functionality is now much wider.


  • HotA is a global add-on for Heroes III that extends (and fixes if needed) classical gameplay elements and adds some of its own. On a more conceptual level – HotA is an attempt to continue legendary series RoE-AB-SoD as close to the original as it could have been done by NWC team, if only they had more desire, resources or even understanding of their own game. We try to keep classical h3 spirit in every tiny detail from code nuances to overall gameplay.
  • Random map generator – modified with respect to the original, corrected many errors, HotA elements are generated on the map correctly. The map editor is available with the release of version 1.3.0 and also contains a number of improvements, including the interface.
  • In the original SoD has a large number of errors, inaccuracies and bugs – a large part of the work of the authors fashion – this is the original error correction: correction of technical bugs and improve the graphics.
  • HotA fully compatible with HD mod (High Resolution Project) and working correctly at all settings. Developer HD mod (High Resolution Project) is included in the command.
  • Resources HotA added separately and not replace, do not update and do not edit any of the original files of the game. In practice, this means that from one folder you can run Shadow of Death and HotA, both versions will work correctly.


Description of major changes


  • A new type of city and faction “Cove” with all the necessary elements.
  • Native terrain bonus on the underground depends on the particular terrain (originally it was always considered subterrain).
  • External dwellings hoard creatures.
  • The image of every town depends on its Fort level (no Fort – Fort – Citadel – Castle – Castle+Capitol).
  • Added support of new map sizes: H (180×180), XH (216×216), G (252×252).
  • And many more minor changes.
100% compatible: Shadow of Death, Complete
NOT COMPATIBLE: WoG, TE, WT, ERA, RoE, AB, Heroes Chronicles
Developer: HotA team


Full description of mod >>>
Page with links to download >>>

Install to a folder with either clean SoD or Complete (plus optional HD mod) or older version of HotA:

HotA setup.exe
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