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Update [1.5.6] for RedForce.SB >>>

Fix of errors, addition of new opportunities. – 2017.10.16

  • EXACT / External Addition Components


      • Other Game Settings

        • Allow disable message on the screen about the number of remaining turns
        • Allow disable victory message on the screen
      • Changes of religions

        • Can add Orthodoxy and/or Paganism
      • Modern armies

        • Add russian art style for modern infantry
        • Changed limit for saboteur from quantity to cost
        • Deleted promotions “Bedouin” and “Climbing”. “Biathlon” do not have +100% to attack at tundra and glacier
        • Fixed: error display titles of saboteur classes
        • Special forces banned for barbarians
        • Added “Jihad car” and “Fighters with RPG” (barbarians)
      • Future armies

        • Only saboteur with invisible can update to “Terminator”. “Terminator” can see invisible saboteur
      • Not fighting units

        • Can switch-on:

          • Add “Officer” (can head a fire unit)
          • “Officers” can join all units, like the “Great Generals”
          • “Great Generals” and “Officers” can’t head Recon units
          • “Great Generals” and “Officers” can’t head Siege units
          • “Great Generals” and “Officers” can not lead the helicopters
      • Urban Buildings

        • Added “Umbrella” laboratory (reqired for production of mutants and zombies)
        • Fixed: “Bank” requires the “Market”
        • Fixed: Change buildings that give experience for units – unique stables, forges and barracks now changed as standart buildings
      • Features

        • Time of dehumidified of “Swamp” in road buildings same for all roads type
        • Fixed: resource “Camels” did not added if “Sands” was switch on
        • Add “Taiga” and bonuses for attack and defence in taiga for hunters
      • District improvements

        • Time of building of future farm reduced
        • Add value editor for cost of future farm
        • Cost of building improvements terrain was divided into (production) and (growth, luxury)
      • Ancient armies & Medieval armies

        • Deleted individual penalties to defense and attack in forest, jungle and cities for mounted units

    • NEW

      • Additional settings for Leaders

        • Can replace Russia, Belarus and Ukraine on Rus’ and Lithuania
      • Additional settings for Civilizations

        • Add new Leadership traits
        • Replacement some leaders models
      • Battle settings

        • Common customizable penalties to defense and attack in forest, jungle and cities for mounted units
      • Additional resource

        • Can add Melange, Rubber, Titanium, Methane Ice, Saltpeter, Manganese, Ship wood and Cannabis

          • In next version planned to add bonuses for units from Titanium, Ship wood and Manganese
        • Can removal of additional sea resources (customizable)
        • Can decrease health bonuses or bonuses of happiness


    • Additional civilizations

      • Replaced model of Konstantin Pats (Estonia)
      • Replaced model of Trung (Queen of Vietnam)

  • NEW

    • Additional civilizations

      • Add new civs: Aboriginal Australians, Afghanistan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Khazaria, Libya, Moldavia, Morocco,
        Pakistan, Serbia, Syria, Uzbekistan (in addition to Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Finland, Hungary, Israel,
        Mexico, New Zealand, Romania, Congo, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Sweden, Vietnam, Denmark, Estonia)
      New models for new units

      • Future armor – T-14 Armata (Russia)
      Pre-game configurator

      • Allow choice and start any mod
      • Optimization of Civilization IV.ini
      • Color of interface – for all mods and vanilla game
      • Bypass mode for circularity – for all mods in which there are units with hidden nationalite

  • Program

      Settings files save/load procedure changed

Update [1.0.1] for AutoPaster.SB >>>


    • Clear – does not require confirmation if the field contains standard text
    • After cleaning, a space was added to the input field
    • Incorrect processing of headlines


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