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RedForce.SB – mod for the game Civilization 4: Beyond The Sword.




With this program, you can generate your own modification. Enormous choice of changes – from interface, to bases of game.


  • You can change models of 20 previous units.
  • You can add 455 + 253 new units.
  • You can change flags (totally flags for changing – 196).
  • You can change lines of development for naval units.
  • Totally in the mod 900 models are used.
  • You can make a lot of small changes in the game.
  • You can add new units in early and future eras.
  • Only changes made by the player can be introduced.
Version: Hopeful
Systems: Windows 2k, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (x32/x64)
Game version: Civ4BTS Beyond The Sword any versions (3.xx)
Terms of distribution: Free
Languages: Russian, English
Developer: SBGames
Refreshed: 2017.12.07


301.64 MB
Hits: 9815
407.66 MB
Hits: 4182

Update 1.5.7 from 2017.12.07

Update (must be installed on version 1.5.5):

166.45 MB
Hits: 1117


Does not exists in the full version, need to be downloaded separately!


Update for old versions:


Update for old versions


Recommended download the full versions 1.5.5 packages are located above


179.06 MB
Hits: 467
1.4.x to 1.5.0.exe
55.1 MB
Hits: 1229
1.x.x to 1.5.0.exe
126.25 MB
Hits: 887


Additional links for the program


The page with the instructions on installation and setting >>>
The page with the list of additions to the program >>>
Online FAQ >>>


Designs for the future

Currently in development
Update 1.5.8

  • Unique styles for modern units (choice of different models for different groups of civilization)
  • Speed settings (player can change the speed settings in the game, ie actually add their own speeds)
  • Setting the difficulty levels (player can change the settings of difficulty levels in the game, ie actually add their own difficulty levels)

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Дата выхода 2017.12.07

  • EXACT / External Addition Components

    • FIX

      • Urban Buildings

        • If “Umbrella” laboratory switch on and do not switch on zombies and mutants

      • Missiles and Aircraft

        • If “Kamikaze” – Japanese unique unit switch on and do not switch on Early jet fighter

      • Modern armies

        • if allow movement on the mountains for Mortars switch on

      • District improvements

        • if Add a “Gas Refinery” switch on and do not switch on Install additional resources

      • Not fighting units

        • If “Officers” can join all units, like the “Great Generals” switch on

      • Additional settings for Civilizations

        • Not corrected processing for switch on of Rus’ and Lithuania

      • Additional Leaders

        • If add leader Jayavarman VII and switch on install modified Civics

      • Changes of religions

        • Deleted Paganism


      • Mini Formation

        • Add missing units

      • Change sea units

        • Can change model of dragon ship

      • Future armies

        • Can change model of robotized infantry

      • Additional settings for Leaders

        • Change of new traits

          • Patriotic – melee and archery units – Guerilla I & Woodsman I, +200% great general inside borders, +50% speed of Custom
          • Nomadic – Mounted units – Flanking I
          • Secretive – Spies – Deception I (if revolutionDCM switch on)

      • Additional Leaders

        • Changed leaders of Native American

          • Cockacoeske (Organized / Industrious); Mangas Coloradas (Protective / Aggressive); Agueybana (Organized / Financial); Logan (Philosophical / Charismatic)
          • Cunhambebe (Organized / Philosophical) & move to Brazil

      • Deleting of civilizations

        • Return full deleting of civs

      • Features

        • Volcanos

          • When event descend mountain change to volcano
          • 75% of events descend near volcanos, 25 near mountains

      • For all EXACTs

        • All elements arrange in two columns

    • NEW

      • Additional resource

        • Request resourses for defended units can switch on separately
        • Bronze arrowheads / +5% Combat / After build unit and if unit without promotion come at city with copper

          • Combat type – archers / Ballista

        • Iron arrowheads (replace bronze) / +10% Combat / After build unit and if unit without promotion come at city with iron

          • Combat type – archers / Ballista

        • Bronze ram (replace iron) / +10% Combat / After build unit and if unit without promotion come at city with copper

          • Ordinary and pirate Trireme / Dromon / Galleass / Battering Ram

        • Iron ram / +5% Combat / After build unit and if unit without promotion come at city with iron

          • Ordinary and pirate Trireme / Dromon / Galleass / Battering Ram

        • Ship timber / +1 moves / Only after build unit

          • Wooden ships

        • Manganese steel / +10% Combat / Only after build unit

          • Tank | Heavy tank | Amphibian tank | Tank destroyer | Attack/deck bomber

        • Titanium Hull / +10% Combat / Only after build unit

          • Attack submarine | Missile submarine | Future Attack submarine

        • Titanium Alloy / +1 Air Range / Only after build unit

          • Stealth bomber | Adv. scout plane | AWACS plane | A-Stealth bomber

        • Saltpeter require for Culverins, ships of the line, musketmans, cuirassiers, galleas, pirate galleas
        • Saltpeter / +10% Combat / After build unit and if unit without promotion come at city with resourse

          • Riflemans | grenadiers | cannons | corvettes | privateers | frigates | steam frigates | caravels | pirate caravels | galleons

        • Can be decrease resourses in groups

      • Changes of religions

        • Settler spread one of religions from city when he was build in new city

  • FIX

    • If switch on install additional civs and switch off install animated leaders


    • Loading screens – 4 psc
    • Religions – change speed factor, separate checkbox

  • NEW
  • Program

    • Pre-game configurator

      • Add – optimize mod for net game (do not use CustomAssets)
      • If cannot copy configuratir then create link for launch mod
      • Correct size of window if OS use font scale

    • FIX

      • If program do not correct install then it close with message about error
      • Fix errors with deleting models (1.5.6 – Future Tank – T-95)
      • Fix find patch to program for install updates

Дата выхода 2017.10.16

  • EXACT / External Addition Components

    • Other Game Settings

      • Allow disable message on the screen about the number of remaining turns
      • Allow disable victory message on the screen
    • Changes of religions

      • Can add Orthodoxy and/or Paganism
    • Modern armies

      • Add russian art style for modern infantry
      • Changed limit for saboteur from quantity to cost
      • Deleted promotions “Bedouin” and “Climbing”. “Biathlon” do not have +100% to attack at tundra and glacier
      • Fixed: error display titles of saboteur classes
      • Special forces banned for barbarians
      • Added “Jihad car” and “Fighters with RPG” (barbarians)
    • Future armies

      • Only saboteur with invisible can update to “Terminator”. “Terminator” can see invisible saboteur
    • Not fighting units

      • Can switch-on:

        • Add “Officer” (can head a fire unit)
        • “Officers” can join all units, like the “Great Generals”
        • “Great Generals” and “Officers” can’t head Recon units
        • “Great Generals” and “Officers” can’t head Siege units
        • “Great Generals” and “Officers” can not lead the helicopters
    • Urban Buildings

      • Added “Umbrella” laboratory (reqired for production of mutants and zombies)
      • Fixed: “Bank” requires the “Market”
      • Fixed: Change buildings that give experience for units – unique stables, forges and barracks now changed as standart buildings
    • Features

      • Time of dehumidified of “Swamp” in road buildings same for all roads type
      • Fixed: resource “Camels” did not added if “Sands” was switch on
      • Add “Taiga” and bonuses for attack and defence in taiga for hunters
    • District improvements

      • Time of building of future farm reduced
      • Add value editor for cost of future farm
      • Cost of building improvements terrain was divided into (production) and (growth, luxury)
    • Ancient armies & Medieval armies

      • Deleted individual penalties to defense and attack in forest, jungle and cities for mounted units

  • NEW

    • Additional settings for Leaders

      • Can replace Russia, Belarus and Ukraine on Rus’ and Lithuania
    • Additional settings for Civilizations

      • Add new Leadership traits
      • Replacement some leaders models
    • Battle settings

      • Common customizable penalties to defense and attack in forest, jungle and cities for mounted units
    • Additional resource

      • Can add Melange, Rubber, Titanium, Methane Ice, Saltpeter, Manganese, Ship wood and Cannabis

        • In next version planned to add bonuses for units from Titanium, Ship wood and Manganese
      • Can removal of additional sea resources (customizable)
      • Can decrease health bonuses or bonuses of happiness


    • Additional civilizations

      • Replaced model of Konstantin Pats (Estonia)
      • Replaced model of Trung (Queen of Vietnam)

  • NEW

    • Additional civilizations

      • Add new civs: Aboriginal Australians, Afghanistan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Khazaria, Libya, Moldavia, Morocco,
        Pakistan, Serbia, Syria, Uzbekistan (in addition to Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Finland, Hungary, Israel,
        Mexico, New Zealand, Romania, Congo, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Sweden, Vietnam, Denmark, Estonia)
      New models for new units

      • Future armor – T-14 Armata (Russia)
      Pre-game configurator

      • Allow choice and start any mod
      • Optimization of Civilization IV.ini
      • Color of interface – for all mods and vanilla game
      • Bypass mode for circularity – for all mods in which there are units with hidden nationalite

  • Program

      Settings files save/load procedure changed

  • Дата выхода 2016.09.03

    • EXACT / External Addition Components


        • District improvements

          • Cost of building improvements terrain – added farms, plantations, pastures
          • Farms of future – provide three food (instead of two)
          • Adding Road package:

            • Trade Way
            • Paved Road
            • Highway
            • Railroad
            • Magnitoroad
            • Jumplane
        • External changes -> Features

          • Moved snow, sand, swamps and reefs, deleted item – volcanoes impassable for all units
          • New versions of the textures + bug fixes
        • Not fighting units

          • Workers are available after examining of the monarchy (can only be enabled with a check mark to add the slaves)
          • If workers are not available to exploring the monarchy, some foot units can build roads
          • Special agents of the CIA and the Mossad did not indicate their nationality and can attack in peace time as a KGB agent


        • Ancient armies

          • Hunters can build a camp
        • Future armies

          • Added checkboxes – disable Dreadnoughts and Mechanoids (without processing technologies -> may be empty tech)
          • You can replace the model terminator (two versions)
        • Culture Level

          • Culture radius is limited to four levels (were three)
        • Features

          • Roads can not be built in the jungle to exploring treatment of iron (was Combustion)
        • Other Game Settings

          • Adding pumping “Cannibal” for predators + You can change the effect of pumping “Cannibal”
          • You can disable / enable the generation of barbarians for ages
          • You can disable / enable the generation of barbarian cities for ages
          • You can disable / enable the generation of animals for ages
          • Add promotion “Means of EW” (+ Cavity magnetron technology) – against robots
        • Missiles and Aircraft

          • Can modify chances of interception at the fighters and interceptors

      • NEW

        • Additional Leaders

          • Adds 27 additional leaders
        • Urban Buildings

          • Can add city park, casino, river port, spaceport, aircraft factory, enrichment plant, tank factory, shipyard, robot factory
          • Can disable display of buildings (except for religious, some peripheral and wonders)
          • Great Wall in place to protect against the barbarians give the wall in every city
        • Changes of religions

          • Can enable the historical distribution of religions (religious added technology only works at startup in antiquity)
          • Can enable – Apostolic Palace requires Christianity
          • Can modify – the number of free missionaries at the opening of religion
        • Added tab “Maps and scenarios” for EXACT

          • Historical start in the world in 1521


      • RevolutionDCM

        • Ballista – Fixed distance attack
        • Was not displayed automation buttons if unique style of the city was included
        • Leaders of new civilizations lacked some characteristics
      • In promotions added Marines, Adv.Marines, Adv.Paratroopers
      • Added bans on new units for the Barbarians
      • Early guns – can be built in the presence of copper or iron (previously only available with the iron)

    • NEW

      • New unit – Corvette, a military analogue of Privateer

        • Can build if there is copper (if there is iron, does not appear in the list, replaced by a frigate)

    Дата выхода 2014.12.21

    • EXACT / External Addition Components


        • Mini Formation

          • Mini formation for foot-borne troops – Error with value = 21
          • Added rescale for ships

          • Fix for “running” units


        • Ancient_armies

          • Add Palace guard
          • Add Life guard (development of Palace guard)
          • Can replace Russian ArtStyle for early units
        • External changes

          • Galeons and Caravels can not sail through the reef
        • Customize cities

          • Cities does not have a fixed return from the central tile, and adds to return 1/1/1
        • Not fighting units

          • The city was founded by colonists once has a population of 2
          • The city was founded by migrants once has a population of 3
        • Artillery

          • Artillery updated to the howitzer.
          • Added mobile anti-aircraft gun.
          • Added Early Mobile Artillery.
          • “Battering ram” and “Siege Tower” – auxiliary siege units
          • Added “light Ram”.
          • Added “Arsonist”

      • NEW

        • Nuclear weapon

          • Each player for possession of nuclear weapons must build its own “Manhattan Project”
          • Reduce the cost of the Manhattan project in three times
          • Disable nuclear weapons
        • Disabling of civilizations

          • You can disable civilizations
        • Disabling of leaders

          • You can turn off the leaders (only for the civs, which is more than one leader)
          • You can enable the use of static images for leaders (optional for each leader)
        • Choice of leader at creation of colony

          • When creating a colony can choose a leader for it


      • Russian Art Style – marines, an error in the way the model
      • dll “Evolution of War” – ships receive no more than 30% damage per cell movement by storm
      • AI is trying to get the tiles bring damage to units
      • Advanced settings for changed religions
      • Removed models for tank destroyer: m7b1 (USA), Wespe (Germany), ISU-152 (USSR)

    • NEW

        New models for new units:

        • Heavy Tank – ARL 44
        • Tank destroyer – 17pdr SP Achilles, Laffly W-15 TCC, Somua SAu 40, Tortoise
        • Amphibian Tank – AMR 35, Mk VIB, Tetrarch
        • Small missele ship – Hamina
        New models for old units:

        • Tank – AMC 35, Char D1, Comet, FCM 36, Hotchkiss H35, Matilda I, Matilda II, Renault R35

    Дата выхода 2014.10.22

    • EXACT / External Addition Components


        • Removed unnecessary files from older versions of EAC (potential errors) “Ancient armies”, “Modern armies”
        • Artillery; Ancient armies

          • Distance attack is added only if the RevolutionDCM

        • Future armies 1.4

          • When add promotions to the units and not inclusion of biological missiles – fixed error
          • For new units added invulnerability of nuclear weapons
          • “Heavy Rocket launcher” – include starting promotion “amphibian” – fixed error
          • Correction of an error with standard dll

        • Ancient armies 1.3

          • Barbarian units can not appear on a tile which can not move
          • Lightly armed units can be created at the expense of food


        • Culture Level 1.1

          • Accelerate the growth of the cultural barbarian cities (+2 in turn)

        • Armies of an industrial era 1.2

          • Added art-stiles for early infantry
          • Give to the “Machine Gunner” a bonus against riding units – 25%
          • Deleted “Forest and Jungle impassable for early tanks”
          • Added historical units + can activate the historical identity of historical units:

            • Red Guard – Russia
            • Red Cavalry – Russia
            • White Guard – Poland, Belarus, Ukraine
            • White cavalry – Poland, Belarus, Ukraine
            • Basmachi – Kazakhstan, Mongolia

        • Modern armies 1.4

          • Added units “Armored UN”, “Mortar”, “Jeep”, “Modern Machine Gunner”, “Police”, “Islamist”, “Waffen SS” and “NKVD army”
          • Added art-stiles
          • Added starting promotion “Bedouin” for the unit “Basmach”
          • Disabled AI desire to build more snipers
          • Added Finnish sniper (cuckoo)
          • All units armed with machine guns demand technology the “Rifling”

        • Not fighting units 2.0

          • Added unit “Motorcade” (Capacity 2 – 6)
          • Corrections to ambassadors and diplomats. Added requirement for new technology (Ambassador – gunpowder, Diplomat – steam traction)
          • New option “Spyware can steal the disposition of foreign troops”
          • Great General chances of a retreat in the range of 10-90
          • Great Generals can not lead the helicopters
          • Trade units can not open the map
          • Fixed a bug in art-stile of Ambassador
          • Barbarians can not have secret agents
          • Added slaves (only for RevolutionDCM, can only be built when slavery or obtained by the capture of some of the early units disappear after the job)
          • Workers can be made inaccessible to the study of Monarchy
          • Colonists and migrants in dll Evolution of War are 1 hammer – fixed

        • Change in the value of technology 1.1

          • Added speed setting research on eras

        • District improvements 1.3

          • You can adjust the cost of road construction
          • Added “Rice, Corn and Wheat have a chance to appear on cultivated farms”
          • You can adjust “Cost of construction terrain improvements” and “Speed of creating areas for improvements on eras”
          • Added to the gas processing plant replaces oil well in the field of gas

        • Features (Volcanoes)

          • Replaced by a model, fix smoke
          • Do volcanoes was not included obstruction for units
          • Added “Volcanoes are impassable to all units”

      • NEW

        • Mini Formation 1.0
        • Other Game Settings 1.1.1

          • Change the duration of the peace agreement (5-100)
          • The maximum number of moves to strengthen (3-10), each turn gives 5% to protect the unit
          • Increase the minimum number of moves between diplomatic appeals of the same type
          • Change the attack penalty on the river
          • Change bonus protection on the hills
          • Change the defense bonus in the jungle
          • Change bonus protection in the forest
          • Change the extra level of protection in the attack of the barbarians
          • Promotion “Partizan II” does not provide the acceleration in the hills
          • Promotion “Huntsman II” does not provide the acceleration in the forests and jungles
          • Promotions “Medic” are only available to medical units, the Red Cross gives +1 health in all cities
          • Add promotion “Military Medic”, the Red Cross instead of health gives free promotion “Military Medic”
          • Add promotion “Shahid”
          • Increase the duration of anarchy when changing the form of government or religion
          • The maximum duration of anarchy for a leader with trait “Spirituality”
          • Minimum distance to the active objects to generate the barbarians
          • Basic duration of discontent after the occupation of the city
          • Overview of the mountain, as the hill
          • Vassalage and Theocracy do not give extra experience points
          • The number of military units that do not require maintenance costs under Vassalage
          • The percentage change in the rate of production units in the cities with the state religion under Theocracy
          • The minimum size of the city, where the celebration possible, “We love the King!”
          • Add promotion “Technician” (self-repair)

        • Customize cities 1.1

          • In the desert, the city can be based only where tile is bordered with access to fresh water or sea
          • Change the cost of 30-200 units (percentage of the standard cost)
          • Change the cost of buildings 30-200 (percentage of the standard cost)
          • Change the cost of projects 30-200 (percentage of the standard cost)
          • Walls and castles obsolete after studying “Artillery”
          • Great Wall obsolete after studying the “Artillery”
          • Barracks are available after studying the “Monarchy”
          • Military Academy is always destroyed when capturing a city
          • Barracks is always destroyed when capturing a city

        • Reducing size of armies 1.0

          • Allows you to increase the value of units in the hammers
          • Increase the cost of maintenance units in 2 times (2 gold per turn)
          • Reduce the number of free units
          • Reduce the number of units abroad that do not require support

        • Customize Leaders 1.0

          • Accelerate the growth of the cultural barbarian cities (+2 in turn)
          • Bonus to health (+3) for barbarian cities

        • External changes 1.2

          • New terrain texture
          • Change view of the rivers
          • Add sand in desert

            • Change damage to health in the sand (0 – 100) (recommended 5%)
            • Roads can not be built on sand

          • Add snow on glaciers

            • Change damage to health in the snow (0 – 100) (recommended 5%)
            • Cobbled road can not be built in the snow

          • Add promotion Vitality (5% recovery of health)

            • Add promotion Vitality to Camel Caravan

          • Add swamp

            • Change damage to health on the swamp (0 – 100) (recommended 5%)

          • Added reefs (two versions)
          • Damage to health in the snow, sand and swamps only for “RevolutionDCM” and “Standart dll”.
          • Add animation to a resource Camels

        • Change sea units 1.2

          • Price increases and capacity transports made by individual checkboxes


      • Unique art-stiles some units were prescribed two or three times (not a critical error)
      • In Mongolian cuirassier changed animation, now as in the cavalry
      • Add cleaning folder “cache” when installing the mod into an existing folder (there were errors are possible if you change the “Install additional maps and scenarios” and / or “Install additional map sizes (large)”)

    • NEW

      • New models

        • Advanced transport – Zubr Class
        • Advanced destroyer – Iver Huitfeldt Class
        • Non-nucler submarine – Oberon Class
        • Early battleship

          • Braunschweig
          • Connecticut
          • Erzherzog Karl
          • Majestic
          • Pelayo
          • Potemkin
          • Re Umberto
          • Republique

      • Change model

        • Mobile SAM – SA-6 Gainful

      • Added civilization Estonia

    • 25 new loading screen


    • Not processed right drop-down menus EAC, if they are not selected after the program start
    • Not processed right drop-down menus EAC, if they had more than one in component
    • Bugfix error reporting and reviews

  • Дата выхода 2014.02.23

    • EXACT / External additional components


        • External changes

          • Not corrected work with plain amd grass

        • Culture Level

          • Cities started without culture level

            • Not work with game speeds “marathon x2” and “marathon x4”


        • Mooved components – SETTINGS WILL BE CLEARED

          • “Change city defense” on tab “Units (Other)”
          • “Restriction of speed of helicopters” on tab “Units (Other)”

        • Change sea units 1.2

          • Added unit “Pirate boat”.
          • Change capacity and cost of transports.

        • Ancient armies 1.2

          • Slingers added bonus: 50% vs. archers and 50% in the attack on hills.
          • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash.

        • Future armies 1.3

          • Added unit “Heavy Assault Mech”, “UniSol” (UNIversal SOLdier), “Mutants”, “Zombies”, “Liquidators”, “Assault Infantry”, “Space Marines”, “Terminator”
          • Can change model of “Robotized Infantry”

        • Future aviation 1.2

          • Replaced the model orbital interceptor, fighter and bomber
          • Increase the range of orbital aircrafts to 100
          • Replaced orbital attack on stealth fighter
          • Replaced orbital VTOL fighter on deck drone (UAV)
          • Increase cost and invulnerability of “Stealth bomber”

        • Modern armies 1.1

          • Mountain infantry can not walk on volcanoes

        • Not fighting units 1.7

          • Units added: “Satellite”, “Sputnik”, “UFO”, “Orbital Transport”, “Air Transport” and “Heavy air transport”, “Sanitary Helicopter”, “Mobile Radar”, “Secret Agent”, “Counterspy”, “Agents of KGB, CIA and MOSSAD”, “Ambassador”, “Diplomat”, “Working Equipment”, “Colonists”, “Migrants”
          • Animals added: “Mammoths”, “Polar Bears” and “Boars”
          • Great Generals

            • Add art styles
            • Chance to retreat chance
            • Can’t head Recon units
            • Can’t become instructors
            • Can’t head Siege units

          • Change units “Settlers”, “Missionaries”, “Workers”, “Indian Fast Worker”, “UAV”

        • Change “Next War”1.2

          • Strengthen the “Biorocket” (+300% against fire units)
          • Increase the maximum collateral damage from the “Biorocket” (70 – 100%)
          • Increase the maximum number of the units suffering collateral damage from the “Biorocket” (8-18)

      • NEW

        • Change sea units resources 1.0

          • Change requirements resources for all modern and future ships

        • Features (District improvements) 1.0

          • Added to the farm of the future. You can build in the desert, tundra and glaciers.

        • Change in the value (cost) of technologies 1.0

          • Increases the cost of technologies after the “Scientific method” in 1.5, 2 or 3 times


      • Separate tab “Early period ( before the modern)” + description added units
      • RevDCM (settings of distance fire)

        • Added “Ballista”
        • Added “Early gun”


      • Transport helicopters – the AI knows how to use them as to transport units
      • Separate style for Asian and Mongolian-Kazakh ships – Error – missing file – kobukson.dds.old
      • Mongolian-Kazakh artstayl – for cuirassiers, infantry, marines

    • NEW

      • Additional resources for corporations

        • Black and red caviar for “Sid Sushi”
        • Tea for “Flour”

    • DLL components

      • Evolution of War

        • Correction work if the game is set in the “program files” in windows vista, 7, 8 ( absent interface) , but will not be saved configuration interface


      • Windows Vista/7

        • Correct generation in the “Program Files” ( Run as administrator, always)

    Дата выхода 2013.10.20
    + Fixes and improvements

    • Does not save settings of additional components
    • Submarine Raider – can improved to Attack Submarines (optional)
    • Caravel – can be turned off – improved to Attack Submarines
    • RevolutionDCM – change hotkeys bombing of the city (on the “N”)

    + External additional components

    • Changed

      • External changes 1.1

        • The ice can appear / disappear during game.

      • Artillery 1.1

        • Increased collateral damage in the field artillery.
        • Tank destroyer refers to armor units.

      • Ancient armies 1.1

        • Added slingers

      • Not fighting units 1.1

        • Replaced model of icebreaker.

    Дата выхода 2013.10.10
    List of changes in version 1.5.0 (2013.10.10)

    + Fixes and improvements
       + EoW + Next war or Future Life is not completely - management interface did not work in cities
       + Correction screen Sevopedia - tree of improvements units - sometimes not work (RevDCM + EoW)
       + Future submarine - can carry 5 rockets instead of great people and missionaries
       + If component Future Life Fleet switch on
       + Stealth destroyer can carry great people and missionaries (capacity - 1)
       + Further development of additional resources
       + Slingers - is replaced by Ballista - changed the name of the model, the required techs (wheel, archery, mysticism)
       + New Models
          + Stealth Bomber - T-4MS (SU-200)
          + A-stealth bomber - T-4MS (Su-200)
       + Advanced RevolutionDCM 2.90-0.31 (new version of the dll RevolutionDCM 2.90) (Author: Cansei)
          + New game options:
             + Forgetting map (can be switched off) - after 10 - 30 turns (depending on the speed of the game) after the last visit to the tile he will once again be unexplored. Ability to memorize cards appear only after studying the technology allows trading cards. By default, this technology "Paper".
             + New Espionage Points (can be switched off) - You espionage points/Turn will be spend for EACH known civilization. No boring micro managment with 50 civilization.
             + New Combat Random (can be switched off) - If you combat odds more then 95%, defeat odds will change to odds of retreat. i.e. You will never die if you combat odds more then 95%.
          + Changes:
             + Now the animals are prefer to attack only if there is at least some chance of winning.
             + Animals do not disappear after the barbarians, and cohabit with them.
             + Animals may appear in the sea if it is their native land.
             + Animals now appear only after the 10th turn
          + Optimization and fix of errors
             + Add BTS on Speed (by Sephi).
             + And many small fixes...
    + External additional components
          + Changed
             + Change city defense 1.1
             + Change sea units 1.1
             + Change "Next War" 1.1
          + Added
             + Change "Next War" buildings 1.0
                + "Mind-Control Center" -30% productions of city (were 15%)
                + Increase "Mind-Control Center" cost (from 400 to 1000)
             + Ancient armies 1.1
                + Add "Terrible elephants" (barbarians)
                + Add "Indian elephants" (India), only if adding early units switch on
                + "Spearmans", "Heavy spearmans" and "Pikemans" do not have bonuses in defense against horse archers, cuirassiers and a cavalry.
                + Allow distance firing for "Horse archers' (requires "RevolutionDCM")
                + "Arabian camel archer" replaces the "Horse archer" (Arabia)
                + Allow distance firing for "camel archers" (requires "RevolutionDCM")
                + Add "Camel Lancer" (Arabia)
                + Add "Camel riders" (if "Install additional resources" is included)
                + Add "Cave people" (barbarians)
                + Add "Hunters"
                + Add "City guards"
                + Tundra and ice are impassable for "Chariots", "Camels", "Elephants"
             + Restriction of speed of helicopters 1.0
                + Movement of helicopters doesn't depend on type of a landscape and existence of roads
                + Include starting pumping "amphibian" for helicopters (except transport)
                + Transport helicopters can't attack
             + Armies of an industrial era 1.0
                + "Cavalry" is updated to "tanks", instead of "helicopters"
                + "Cavalry" can updated to "SB.Amphibian Tank"
                + Forest and jungle are impassable for "Early tanks"
                + Add "Early infantry"
                + Add "Mountaineers" (barbarians)
                + Add "Shturmgrenader"
                + Allow generation of barbarians during an industrial era
                + Add "Gangsters" (barbarians)
                + Add "Bedouins" (barbarians)
                + Modern armies 1.0
             + Add "Snipers"
                + "Mobile SAM" - only defense
                + Allow generation of barbarians in modern era
                + Disable promotion city raider for tanks
                + Add "Adv. Infantry"
                + Add "Modern Infantry"
                + Add "Fighters" (barbarians)
                + Add "Special Troops" and invisibility to "Saboteurs"
             + Future armies 1.0
                + Replace model of unit "Coalition"
                + Replace model of unit "Heavy Rocket launcher"
                + "Heavy Rocket launcher" - include starting promotion "amphibian"
                + "Heavy Rocket launcher" - only defense
                + Allow generation of barbarians during an future era
             + Artillery 1.0
                + "Artillery" can be capture in fight
                + "Early multiple rocket launcher" & "Multiple rocket launcher" - include starting promotion "amphibian"
                + "Early multiple rocket launcher" & "Multiple rocket launcher" - only defense
                + Add "Anti-tank gun"
                + Add "Field Artillery"
                + Add "Big Bertha"
                + Add "Howitzer"
             + Not fighting units 1.0
                + Add "Caravan"
                + Add "Camel caravan" (if switch on "Install additional resources")
                + Add "Horse caravan"
                + Add "Truck"
                + Add "Trade Boat"
                + Add "Trade Galleon"
                + Add "Steamship"
                + Add "Merchant ship"
                + Add "Ice Breaker"
                + Add "Medical battalion"
             + External changes 1.0 (change terrains textures)
                + Change look of Water surface
                + Change look of Plains surface
                + Change look of Grass surface
                + Change look of Desert surface
                + Change look of Ice surface
                + Change look of Tundra surface
                + Change look of Hills surface
                + Change look of Peak surface
             + Equal start 1.0 (Civilizations begin without starting technologies)
             + Capture of missionaries 1.0
             + Culture Level 1.0
                + Limit city culture radius (three levels)
                + Cities started without culture level
             + Features 1.0 (Add volcanos)
    + Program
       + Increased the size of the window
       + Increased sketch select loading screen
       + Added button - delete the loading screen
       + Tab "External Components" - pull-down menu instead collapsible panel

    List of changes in version 1.4.6 (2012.12.12)

    + Overpatching
       + fix for error if "Spearmen, heavy spearmen and pikemen get bonuses against cavalry only in protecting" switch-on
       + hotfix for 1.4.5

    List of changes in version 1.4.5 (2012.12.16)

    + Overpatching
       + Program
          + AutoCheckNV - unpacking removed from the main exe (for Norton Internet Security)
          + If the OS without rebooting worked a long time, at the beginning of the generation of an error occurred
          + Optimization and acceleration of generation
          + Page scrolling with the mouse wheel settings
    + New
       + Game's components
          + 7 new loading screen
          + New models
             + Early jet fighter / incepter      + Hawker Hunter
             + Early jet fighter         + F9F Panther
             + Gydroplane         + He-115
       + External additional components
          + Change sea units
          + Change city defense
          + Change "Next War"

    List of changes in version 1.4.2 (2011.10.21)

    + Overpatching
       + fix several bugs
       + Future Life 
          + Error with Orbital interceptor
          + Error with Railgun destroyer
       + Error with static leaders, wonders, religions
       + Anti-aircraft gun - strenght increase to 14
       + Error 08.031-06.0 - fix
    + Game's components
       + Change model
          + Modern armor         - Challenger 2
          + Mobile artillery         - M109
          + Bomber            - Tupolev SB ANT-40
          + Mobile SAM         - 9K33 OSA (SA8 Gecko)
                      - AN-TWQ-1 Avenger
       + New models
          + Early jet fighter         - Mirage F1
          + Early jet attack         - A-4 Skyhawk
          + Transport helicopter      - UH-60 BlackHawk
       + You can increase collateral damage of siege weapons % (0 - 30%)
       + You can switch on - Units get defence bonuses in cottages (5%) - hamlets (10%) - villages (15%) - towns (20%)
       + You can switch on - Navy ships can intercept aircraft
          + Heavy cruiser - 12%, Battleship - 15%, Advanced carrier, Light aircraft carrier, Fusion carrier - 10%, Advanced destroyer, Railgun destroyer, Missile cruiser, Future missile cruiser - 30%.
       + You can switch on - SB.Armoured car can update to SB.Amphibian tank
       + You can switch on - Increase navy ships cost two times (starting from Dragon Ship)
       + You can switch on - Weaken transports in attack two times (except galley)
       + Paratroopers (usual & improved)
          + can take City Raider
          + cannot intercept aircraft
       + Improved marines
          + can take City Raider
          + can use enemy roads
          + cannot intercept aircraft
       + Saboteurs
          + Saboteurs can intercept aircraft (Usual - 15%, improved - 20%)
          +  Saboteurs (usual & improvedcan) can perform paradrops
       + You can switch on - Horse not requires technologles for reveal, Copper requires Mining, Iron requires Bronze Work
       + You can switch on - Cavalry are the penalties for attacking and defencing in cities (10 - 50 %)
    + dll components
       + Revolution DCM - can choose maximal quantity of civilizations (18, 22, 32, 50)

    List of changes in version 1.4.1 (2011.07.04)

       + Chariots, early cavalry, heavy cavalry, knights are the penalties for attacking in forests and jungles

    Дата выхода 2011.07.01
    List of changes in version 1.4.0 (2011.07.01)

       + Next War - space victory
       + fix for New Civics (forms of government) - inquisitors 
    + FUTURE
       + Next War - detailed setting
       + Magnetic way
       + Future Life - new units for future
       + fix several bugs
       + New scenarios (3 - 6 pieces, depending on settings), cut map of the world without America
       + New scenarios (2 - 3 pieces, depending on settings), South and North America
       + Spearmen, heavy spearmen and pikemen can only defend - can be disabled
       + Chariots, early cavalry, heavy cavalry, knights are the penalties for attacking in forests and jungles - can be disabled
       + Add "Cobbled roads" (the Roman road from Charlemagne) - can be disabled

    List of changes in version 1.3.8 (2011.03.15)

    + New
       + New Civics (forms of government)
          + Changed the preferences of leaders
       + Can changes in the frequency of storms
       + selective attack for submarine
    + Corrections
       + You can not build an early tank without combustion
       + Improvement of units:
          + privateer - improvement to the armored cruiser (if you improve to the destroyer)
          + armored cruiser - improvement to the raider submarines
          + carrier-based AntiSub aircraft - to improve the AntiSub helicopters or aircraft AntiSub Base
       + At later stages (trireme-galleass) increased the number of pirates
       + Additional Resources:
          + reduced the chances of pearls, platinum, camel
       + fix several bugs

    List of changes in version 1.3.7 (2011.02.05)

    + Game's components
       + Additional names of great generals 
       + Added a few icons (your choice before generation) 
       + Pyramids - you can disable the opening of all forms of government, but instead will give a granary in every city 
       + Shwedagon - you can disable give all religious Civic, but instead gives the Colosseum in every city (will require    a "building" for building) 
       + You can prevent the working boats to explore
       + dll components
          + Evolution of war
             + fix several bugs
    + Overpatching
       + fix several bugs

    List of changes in version 1.3.6 (2011.01.19)

    + Game's components
       + dll components
          + Evolution of war v.0.16.16
             + fix several bugs
          + RevolutionDCM v2.90
              + added components for the automation units
    + Overpatching
       + fix several bugs
       + Changed religion
          + Removed a 50% chance to preserve religious buildings in the capture of the city

    List of changes in version 1.3.5 (2011.01.12)

    + Game's components
       + dll components
          + "Evolution of War v.0.16.14" by NeseryozniyVET
             + fix several bugs
    + Overpatching
       + fix several bugs
       + changed code to eliminate false positives antivirus (Avira, McAfee-GW-Edition)

    List of changes in version 1.3.4 (2011.01.05)

    + Game's components
       + You can change the maximum % damage from bombing aircraft
       + dll components
          + "Evolution of War v.0.16.12" by NeseryozniyVET
             + fix several bugs
    + Overpatching
       + fix several bugs
       + Changed religion
          + Missionaries can be built only if the religion of the state - made switchab

    List of changes in version 1.3.3 (2010.12.26)

    + 2 new loading screen
    + Overpatching
       + Changed religion
          + The construction of religious buildings if the state religion - made switchable
           + 2 happy (total 3) for every religion in the "religious freedom", to compensate for buildings
          + Cathedral 2 (instead of 3) dissatisfied, 4 happy if religion is the state (instead of 5), +1 gold
          + Judaism - a mistake with the characteristics of the monastery
          + Taoism - a mistake with the characteristics of the monastery
       + Bugfix with larger domes in Next War + unique styles of urban
       + error with improved marines and improved paratroopers for Russian artstyle (if one is not included)

    List of changes in version 1.3.2 (2010.12.15)

    + Overpatching
       + Fixed a bug - Evolution of war - cost of settlers

    List of changes in version 1.3.1 (2010.12.13)

    + dll components
       + "Evolution of War v.0.16.7" by NeseryozniyVET
          + fix air blocade
    + Overpatching
       + Fixed a bug - Evolution of war + New speeds
       + Fixed a bug - Evolution of war + New religions

    Дата выхода 2010.12.08
    List of changes in version 1.3.0 (2010.12.08)

    + Game's components
       + Change model
          + Arleigh Burke
       + New models
          + Early scout plane
             + IL-4TK, PE-2R
          + Scout plane
             + IL-28R, MIG-15Rbis, MIG-21R, TU-16R
          + Adv.scout plane
             + SU-24MR, TU-22MR
          + Transport
             + BDK 1171
          + Adv.transport
             + BDK 775
          + Adv.destroyer
             + 1155.1 «Admiral Chabanenko»
          + Adv. fighter VTOL
             + Yak-141
          + Deck anti-submarine hellicopter
             + Ka-25, Ka-27, SH-3H Sea King
          + Anti-submarine plane
             + S.25 Sunderland, PBY-5 Catalina, P-3 Orion, Il-38, Tu-142
          + fighter VTOL
             + Yak-38
          + Light aircraft carrier
             + Kiev
          + Early gunship
             + Mi-8MT
       + New units and models
          + New units
             + imp. Paratroopers
             + imp. Marines
             + imp. Saboteurs
          + ArtStyles
             + Unique view of the city (buildings) for different civs
             + broadened Asian ArtStyle for ships
             + American ArtStyle
             + Barbarian ArtStyle
       + Speeds
          + Blitz 200
          + Marathon x2 2900
          + Marathon x4 6000
       + Improvement of coastal cities
          + Harbor gives +1 hammer with marine cells
          + Customs gives +1 food with marine cells
       + dll components
          + "Evolution of War v.0.16.6" by NeseryozniyVET
          + "RevolutionDCM v.2.83"
       + Slow down the cure of units 2 times
       + Maps
          + Add "Global_Highlands" for large sizes
       + Changed religions
       + New scenarios - EUROPA
    + Overpatching
       + Fixed a bug CNV.003-07.0
       + Дополнительные имена великих полководцев
       + Error in civ Ukraine ( kozak )
       + Fix sounds for planes
       + Rename new units (short name)
       + Light aircraft carrier force increases to 28.
       + Scout plane requires Jet Engines

    List of changes in version 1.2.2 (2010.10.15)

    + Game's components
       + You can select flags for additional civilizations
    + Overpatching
       + Correction of error with clearing folder

    List of changes in version 1.2.1 (2010.10.10)

    + Game's components
       + finalized broadened ArtStyle
          + Worker in all revised and updated.
          + New Musketeer in the Russian artstayle.
          + New Musketeer, Grenadier, Fusiliers, Early canon, Machine gunner and Infantry in the Mongolian artstayle.
          + New Early canon, Infantry and Machine gunners in the Asian artstayle.
          + New Warhammer, Infantry in the African artstayle.
    + Overpatching
       + Fixed a bug UIF.013-01.0
       + Red sphere instead of workers with the extended styles

    Дата выхода 2010.10.07
    List of changes in version 1.2.0 (2010.10.07)

    + Game's components
       + new model of Lukashenko (Belorus)
       + African ArtStyle
       + Mongol ArtStyle
       + broadened European ArtStyle
       + broadened South American ArtStyle
       + broadened Middle East ArtStyle
       + broadened Greco Roman ArtStyle
       + broadened Asian ArtStyle
    + Overpatching
       + NextWar + RevolutionDCM

    List of changes in version 1.1.1 (2010.08.26)

    + Game's components
       + AI builds anymore slingman, siege towers, rams
    + dll components
       + update "Evolution of war" дto version 0.10.11 - bugs fix
    + New mofels for new units
       + U-31           - submarine
       + B-25           - attack
       + F-5A           - early jet fighter
       + Lancia IZ      - armor car
    + Models for standart units
       + SA-9 Gaskin           - Mobile SAM
    + Overpatching
       + San Martin's text tag (Argentina)
       + fix bug - if "Evolution of war" switch on and commanders switch off

    List of changes in version 1.1.0 (2010.08.16)

    + Game's components
       + You can add in early eras:
          + New units
          + New ships
          + New pirate ships
          + Cure units (Supply train - with promotion "Medic 1", Improved supply train - with promotions "Medic 1" and "Medic 2")
       + You can switch off - improved Submarine (raider) to Non-nucler submarine
       + You can switch on - improved Longbowman to Musketman
       + You can switch on - Cuirassiers avaible with the discovery of "gunpowder" and "nationalism"
       + You can use standart animation for new models of units
       + Additional resources (9) (Shrimps, Red caviar, Black caviar, Pearl, Tobacco, Tea, Coffee, Gas, Camel)
       + Additional maps (8) and scenarios
       + Enormous sizes of maps (XXL - 40x25, Giant - 50x32, Ultra - 60x40, Huge (standart) - 32x20)
       + Additional civs, 21 (Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Finland, Hungary, 
               Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Romania, Congo, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Sweden, Vietnam, Denmark)
       + Mod "Next War"
       + dll components
          + "Evolution of War" by NeseryozniyVET
          + "RevolutionDCM"
    + New units and models
             + New units (only if components "RevDCM" or "Evolution of War" swith on)
          + A-bomber
          + A-Jet bomber
          + A-Stealth bomber
    + Models for standart units 
       + Mobile artillery
          + 2C1 Gvozdika
       + Fighter
          + PZL-11c
       + Moidern armor
          + PT-91
    + New mofels for new units
       + Future French carrier      ("Advanced carrier" and "Carrier")
       + Queen Elizabeth          ("Advanced carrier" and "Carrier")
       + T-50            ("Advanced jet fighter" and "Advanced interceptor")
       + BDRM-2         ("Early parachute tank" and "Parachute tank")
       + Scorpene          ("Non-nucler submarine")
       + ISU-152             ("Tank destroyer")
    + Overpatching
       - The error at treatment of lines of development of units is corrected

    Дата выхода 2010.05.04
    Startup of page, 1.0.0.Release.lang
    Дата выхода 2010.02.27
    Дата выхода 2009.10.18
    Дата выхода 2008.10.02
    0.9.0.Alpha2.Ru – Program prototype of mod.

    Дата выхода 2008.05.10
    0.8.0.Alpha.Ru – Game prototype of mod.



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