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WinHide.SB – The program to control the visibility of windows.




  • It conceals the windows of visible programs of your own choice (including from the taskbar).
  • When “Hide an active window” is switched on, the analogue of the “anti-boss” key is added to the window that is active at this moment.
  • “Hotlist” – the windows are hidden when you press the “anti-boss”.
  • Permanently hide windows – it automatically hides chosen windows.
  • Hide programs in Task Manager.
  • The change/shutdown of the icon of the program in the system tray.
Systems: Windows 2k, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8 (x32/x64)
Terms of distribution: Free
Languages: Russian, English
Developer: SBGames
Refreshed: 2014.11.08


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Additional information



Instructional video on how to use the program in German of SoftwareAnleitungen >>>

WinHide.SB – Ungenützte Programmfenster verstecken.

Bei längerem Arbeiten am Computer sind oftmals viele Fenster geöffnet. zu viele Fenster erschweren das Arbeiten und machen es unnötig langsam. Lassen Sie einfach die Fenster mit WinHide.SB verschwinden.


Designs for the future

In the near future
Update 2.2.0

  • Hide icons in the system tray (removing or exhibiting option “always hide”).
  • Resizing windows.
  • Password on display window(s).
  • Working with windows with timer.
  • Opportunity to expand all hidden windows from the “Hotlist”
  • Ability to hide the windows from the “Hotlist” without hiding the active window.
  • The ban on the activation window (if available).

In the long term
Update 2.2+

  • Exclusion list (windows that program can not hide).
  • Ban on launch for window.
  • Ban on more than one copy of window
    • Ban on more than one copy of application (including those with different exe).
    • Including nested folder.
    • Including any of the nested folder, for example – you can not run multiple games simultaneously.

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Awards and evaluations


  скачать WinHide.SB с SoftPortal.com  скачать WinHide.SB с SoftPortal.com  WinHide.SB is Windows 8 compatible  WinHide-SB antivirus report at FileCluster.com  Antivirus Report for WinHide.SB on SuggestSoft.com     Antivirus Report for WinHide.SB on LotSoft.org   100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia



Дата выхода 2014.11.08

  • Fixed sending feedback about the program and error reporting.

Дата выхода 2013.09.21

  • Reduced load on CPU, speeded up the program work.

Дата выхода 2012.11.05

  • Added
    • In “windows managment” added “hide only window with the same dimensions”, some programs create windows that are difficult to differentiate on other grounds, if you had an older version of the program, to use this option, after the update remove the window from the “the list of permanently hidden windows” and “Hot List” and add them to the lists again.
    • Hot keys – the ability to use the function keys (F1, F2 ..).
  • Fixes
    • Windows Vista / Seven – Pressing ALT – vanished inscriptions.
    • Removed AutoCheckNV2.exe unpacking from the main program / fix for Norton antivirus.
    • Fixed deletion of old entries from startup.
    • Fixed minor issues and bugs.

Дата выхода 2011.02.27
Fix bugs:

  • 06.010-01.0
  • 01.014-01.3
  • 01.014-01.0
  • URG.002-01.32

Дата выхода 2011.02.01

  • “Hotlist” – the windows are hidden when you press the “anti-boss”.
  • Hide programs in Task Manager.

Дата выхода 2009.06.01 2

Дата выхода 2007.02.11



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Very Userful!!!


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Name: Jagan Time: 07.10.2010 20:43

This is the best Windows Hiding program I have ever seen.
Update it and release a new version for XP as well as WIn 7!!!
Thank you!


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