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How to add a map for "Heroes 3" (Heroes of might & magic III).


Map installation


  • Download and unzip the map.
  • Copy the file [map].h3m in the folder “Patch_to_the_game\Maps” (for example, ‘C:\Program Files\Heroes 3 The Shadow of Death’).
    • What to do if you do not know where you installed the game:

      Step by step guide for Windows XP.

      In Windows Vista, 7, 8 are slightly different texts, but they are close in meaning.

  • Start the game, the map should appear in the list of available maps.


On the site is available maps for Heroes 3:

XL maps for Heroes 3 (Heroes of might & magic III) >>>
World map of the superbig size for Heroes 3 >>>
Huge size map of Ukraine for Heroes 3 (Heroes of might & magic III) >>>



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