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The world map of the superbig size for Heroes 3 (Heroes of might & magic III).


Map "World 4 You"


  • Are included in archive:
    • Versions without spells “Town Portal”, “Dimension Door”, “Flight” (Single & Allied versions).
    • Versions without spell “Dimension Door” (Single & Allied versions).
    • Versions without restrictions on magics (Single & Allied versions).
    • Versions of high complexity (in folders “Impossible”).
Title: ### World 4 You ###
Map version: 1.6 / 1.7 — HOTA (Single & Allied versions)
Size: XXL (252 x 252) — is 3 times more, than a XL map
Number of players/people: 8/8
Number of teams: 8/4
Languages: English
Game version: The shadow of dead (or high)
Refreshed: 2017.12.07 / 2018.12.15 — HOTA


World 4 You Eng.zip
2.84 MB
Hits: 4570

Versions for "Horn of the Abyss"


  • English and Russians versions for HotA


World 4 You HOTA.rar
3.34 MB
Hits: 7330

Set for editing


  • Set for editing, with blank maps:
    • Changed Map Editor for SoD.
    • Three versions of the map, from outlines of continents, to borders of blocks.


World 4 You source.rar
1.43 MB
Hits: 4048

For correct work with the "Shadow of Death" (SoD) need to install "HD-mod", differently in game the mini map do not work.

HD mod – add-on for Heroes 3 (HoM&M III)) >>>


On the site also are available other maps for Heroes 3:

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How to add a map for "Heroes 3" >>>




Дата выхода 2018.12.15
Release of version 1.7 for HotA.

  • Changed the names of maps in the game
  • Secondary cities are not like players
  • Added two-way sea teleports
  • Marine academies added
  • The hermit shacks are added
  • Mage coliseums added
  • Impossible versions
    • Added city gates in remote lands

Дата выхода 2017.12.07
Release of version 1.6.

  • Correcting access to some objects

Дата выхода 2017.09.16
Release of version 1.5.

  • Correcting access to some objects

Дата выхода 2016.08.04
Release of version 1.4.

  • Correcting access to some objects

Дата выхода 2015.12.05
Release of version 1.3.

  • Added one starting hero to each player
  • Added versions of high complexity (in folders “Impossible”)
  • Usual version
    • Added the artifacts market to each player
  • HOTA
    • Fixed – Box of Pandora (USA), there was no passage
    • Eng
      • Fixed – In archive were usual version of maps, not HOTA

Дата выхода 2015.02.19
Release of version 1.2.

  • Correction of errors with spells and artifacts, depending on the version of the map.
  • Have been added versions for HotA.

Дата выхода 2014.10.14
Release of version 1.1 (the first English version).




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